Innocence: The New Dirty Word

Jules Cyrille Cave (1859- 1940) The Flower Girl
Jules Cyrille Cave (1859- 1940) The Flower Girl

It’s no secret we live in a sexual-ized culture. Maybe all cultures are so, but look through the eyes of an abused child. It is then that every vulgar presentation of sexuality, every “sexy” media star, every unasked-for visual hits you in the face. Suddenly a trip past Victoria’s Secret in the mall while shopping for school clothes becomes cringe-worthy. Every song on the radio reminds this child of some abhorrent event.

Children even in quaint Victorian times were often subject to sexual abuse. Maybe the lines between children and adults were more fluid and maybe our society is moving in that direction once more, but suddenly, seeing with the eyes of someone who’s been wounded, television,  fashion and  music are jarring in the extreme.

What would the Victorians think about Victoria’s Secret?

Here is a case to ponder:

Minnie Rae–A 19th century girl

And here’s some history:

Exploitation 19th century style

It feels like I’ve been away forever from my little blog home and still another week looms before school begins and I can take stock of history again.

See you all soon.