ART: In the Mood for Eakins

The thing I love about Thomas Eakins as an artist is the way he captures the depth of a person. FOR MORE: HERE

What Sort Of Man Are You?

Okay, this is just for fun. Would you rather be an outdoor man or an indoor one? What type do women prefer?

Setting the Fatherhood Bar High

“I was fortunate enough in having a father whom I have always been able to regard as an ideal man. It sounds a little like cant to say what I am going to say, but he really did combine the strength and courage and will and energy of the strongest man with the tenderness, cleanness…

Books I’ve Known And Loved

Don’t you just love finding musty old paperback treasures for fifty cents? The American Western Novel drew me in since its title has two of my favorite words in it–American and Western. Both words often get a bum rap and I tend to like anything that’s undervalued or misunderstood. Yeah, our government sucks, but I…

“Courage mattered. Loyalty mattered. Honor mattered. Personal Pride mattered. Soldiers, and their culture, defined these as masculine values. The Gilded Age substituted gain for cause and friends for comrades.” Richard White

Charles Francis Adams, despite being considered an authority on the management of railroads couldn’t keep the Union Pacific stable as its president. One of the reasons, according to Richard White in Railroaded,  was the boys–the young men too young to have fought in the war seemed “weak, unruly, willful and hard to control.” On July…