Portrait of an Artist

Portrait of an Artist

Did you know that William Tecumseh Sherman was a painter? I don’t mean to fan flames but I’ve read recently that southerners burned their own cities before Sherman came through so his men couldn’t forage for stuff. Wonder if that’s true . . . He was also an Aquarian. Looks like Sam Shepherd to me.

Just chillin’ it old school . . . .

Okay. So I re-enacted. Yes, it was dorky, but oh-so-much-fun, too. Remember dress-up as a kid? Well, this was with much cooler clothes. There’s nothing like a corset to make you feel feminine in the old school way. Of course I re-enacted as “research” for my books and I will say that while some like to look down upon Civil War fanatics I found them to be super-well-read and graciously willing to answer every little question you might have. For a brief moment I considered dressing as a “boy” soldier, but the Enfield was just too heavy (don’t worry, I have no intention of becoming a female fire-fighter). Then I tried my hand at nursing. The best part about that was the Glengarry hat I made. The worst part was trying not to laugh at the injured. I was called upon to wipe the brow of many a sweating, middle-aged re-enactor and to enjoy the many inappropriate and good-natured remarks made by the “dying.” I’m not such a modern woman as to not enjoy men thinking of me inappropriately!

Some people think things were better back in the day (and I would have to agree that I’d definitely like to dress in post-Civil War bustles), but after much research I’d have to say that the people of the past were endearingly just like us today in so many ways. They had the impulse to make the world a better place and often times failed miserably, but the charm of people in any age is the way they keep trying.