18 thoughts on “The Farm

      1. I was thinking about the rain earlier. It has been one of those days where I am. Sometimes things that restore balance have to upset the balance a little bit.


      2. My husband’s company had to cut 10% of its workforce last week and my husband was a new kid on the block so he lost his job. We both have a sense that God is at work and that we’ll be okay. In the past we’d rush into any crappy job right away. My husband is a highly qualified engineer so things aren’t hopeless but my natural tendency would be to run to the nearest back-breaking job or mind numbingly dull one. I’m not doing that this time. I’m thinking I know I’m a novelist and the job I will take if I have to will nurture me, not grind me down. My husband is into spiritual fasting–I find it intriguing but I’m a real jerk without food 🙂

        Have a great weekend, Sandra!


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    1. We just came in from castrating the little rams. LOL. The ugly side of homesteading. But they are all adorable. I was seriously considering the vegan lifestyle again but lamb is good. At least I know our animals are happy and loved until the final day of life…


  1. Beautiful pictures. I would love to live on a farm. Been vegetarian for many years and moving toward being vegan. I’m glad your animals are happy and loved. Wish all farms were like that.


    1. I used to be a vegetarian and then briefly a vegan not for health reasons but because I read a ton of books and watched movies on animal cruelty. But then I got really sick and nearly died and only animal protein seemed to help me recover, yet I still hate that no matter what path we are on we have to hurt things. I just read that with the latest coconut craze comes environmental damage. Ugh. So complicated. i just try to give my animals the best life they can have with only one bad moment before they die. 😦

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